The Choice Factory

How 25 behavioural biases influence the products we decide to buy (2018)

‘Before you can influence decisions, you need to understand what drives them. In The Choice Factory, Richard Shotton sets out to help you learn. By observing a typical day of decision-making, from trivial food choices to significant work-place moves, he investigates how our behaviour is shaped by psychological shortcuts.’

Richard Shotton beschrijft 25 biases die ons beïnvloeden:

  • Bias 1: The Fundamental Attribution Error
  • Bias 2: Social Proof
  • Bias 3: Negative Social Proof
  • Bias 4: Distinctiveness
  • Bias 5: Habit
  • Bias 6: The Pain of Payment
  • Bias 7: The Danger of Claimed Data
  • Bias 8: Mood
  • Bias 9: Price Relativity
  • Bias 10: Primacy Effect
  • Bias 11: Expectancy Theory
  • Bias 12: Confirmation Bias
  • Bias 13: Overconfidence
  • Bias 14: Wishful Seeing
  • Bias 15: Media Context
  • Bias 16: The Curse of Knowledge Bias 17: Goodhart’s Law
  • Bias 18: The Pratfall Effect
  • Bias 19: Winner’s Curse
  • Bias 20: The Power of the Group
  • Bias 21: Veblen Goods
  • Bias 22: The Replicability Crisis
  • Bias 23: Variability
  • Bias 24: Cocktail Party Effect
  • Bias 25: Scarcity

Alles is ergens: wie goed zoekt, zal vinden.


Richard Thaler

‘People are busy, they’re absent-minded, they’re lazy and [that] we should try to make things as easy for them as possible,’ zegt Richard Thaler. Mensen hebben af en toe een klein duwtje in de rug nodig, we zijn namelijk ‘humans’ en geen ‘econs’.

Thaler zegt ook dat we allemaal Choice Architects zijn (zie filmpje dat een samenvatting van het boek geeft).







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