Good habits, bad habits

Wendy Wood, The science of making positive changes that stick

Waarom is het zo makkelijk om te besluiten om te veranderen, maar zo moeilijk om het vol te houden? Wilskracht lijkt het probleem niet, maar wat dan wel?

De kracht van gewoontes

‘About 43 percent of what people do every day is repeated in the same context, usually while they are thinking about something else. A habit is a sort of a mental shortcut to repeat what we did in the past that worked for us and got us some reward,’ aldus Wendy Wood.

‘We are all dependent on the context in which we live. We form habits based on what’s easy and rewarding, what’s easy for us to do repeatedly and what’s rewarding in our context in the places where we live.’

Succesvolle mensen beschikken niet per se over meer wilskracht of grotere zelfbeheersing. ‘People who score high on self-control don’t achieve successes in life by exerting control. They are not practicing self-denial by white-knuckling through life. Instead, they know how to form habits that meet their goals.’

A conversation with Wendy Wood