links I like(d) op het grote internet

(via @newraf) ancient japanese fart prints
sink slow .com you can show pictures of the work, or you can show the work (lecture=exhibition)
crouton.net the website rafaël rozendaal wished he had made (zie ook de source code)
[game] the artist is present
seven digital deadly sins, condemn or absolve
(via bruce sterling) poverty hacks
net neutrality
(via trendbeheer) tjie, wat een beangstigende teller
fastest tour exhibition douglas coupland
caminhando (wandelend), lygia clark
the ultimate machine, claude shannon
(via ander monson) world's largest ball of paint
my body, a wunderkammer (Shelley Jackson, 1997)
periodieke tabel storytelling
[internet moet vol] mobi
[eigen log eerst] DEAF2014 - The Progress Trap
(antropology, design fiction) curious rituals - gestural interaction in the digital everyday (pdf)
[jezebel] the rise of the disaster survivor selfie
(via dees) elke dag een lach 27 maart 2014
(via trendbeheer) elke dag een lach
26 maart 2014
(via bente) elke dag een lach 25 maart 2014 (geluid aan)
(via @mediacultuur) 5-star graffiti, rating public space, FATlab
google sky, google moon, google mars
(via annedien) google/translate
[street views patchwork] beautiful, vervreemdend, julien levesque (2009)
(via roberto marone) aarde als planetarium (fata morgana, damon zucconi)
[maps] marker attack
137 landmarks, humanity, seen from Google Satellite View
kafka's wound, a digital literary essay by will self
[google street view indoor] cern
paolo cirio, google street view ghosts
[F.A.T. Gold] Google Self-driving Car
Free Speech is a tool for citizen discourse that combines the privacy of a personal phone call with the art of public speaking
DIY-Street View
astro teller, google x, moon shots
(via raymond) june houston installs 14 livecams in her house, people look for ghosts (hoofdstuk 7)
street view ezel rechtop
street view donkey taking dust bath
hahaha google airview
[earthcam] maintaining sleepless camera eyes around the world
[geenstijl] geheim landgoed ontdekt met bing maps
(via edwin) the globemaker
[internet of things] adopt a bill of rights
[street view] there was no google maps when we started
the overview effect, we can experience some of this using google earth (the overview effect for dummies / for the masses)
quick useful lexicon, douglas coupland
blogger bij Chasing the tail van Zoro Feigl in MU
3. google, top 50 van de jaren nul
hans gremmen, the mother road, highway 66
[Google] which seems determined to map every square inch of the planet, on Monday released Street View images from four of the seven tallest mountains on earth.
facebook wants to add profile photos to facial recognition database
lonieke, achtervolgd door een roze bankstel
[xkcd.com] questions found in google autocomplete
[google glass] daphne channa horn
joe davis, telescopic text
naar de lucht kijken
gary shteyngart, o.k., glass
(via pj) kaarten
welcome to the web's largest archive of prostitutes on google street view!
[IMG MGMT] image-based artist essay the nine eyes of google street view (john rafman)
(via annedien) idioot ver (in)zoombare foto (the image's 'transhuman aspect')
(via trendbeheer) street view inside a police telephone box ( click >> )
earthcam is my favorite site at the moment
[google] blindness
el lissitzky video editing suite, john rafman
[space/time] the last pictures selection of 100 images sent into orbit, a fruit fly that’s been genetically modified to have legs on its face instead of antennae, cloned cows, transformations to the earth’s surface (hydraulic mining, railroads), climate change (melting glaciers, tsunamis), a smiling child in an American internment camp. trevor paglen
street views kaart met blauw waar googlekarretje is geweest
(via angelique) consider the lobster, david foster wallace
stolen iphone story
(via david darts) battle of the media ecosystems
These companies have become so powerful and so rich they essentially operate outside of the law.
[streaming video] he, daar lopen we op hierzijnwij.nu/live (veerpontGVB)
death of internet (death of journalism) ( scoop )
hunting anachronisms, prochronism
(via bb) kaarten van amsterdam, op de historische kaart verkeerslichten kun je met tijdschuifbalk eerste verkeerslicht zien (1932, hoek leidseplein/marnixstraat)
(via annedien) google poetics (remember, no poem is set in stone)
what happens when everyone makes maps
report a problem
[google earth] dutch landscapes, Mishka Henner
Photography Is
[spoiler alert] reality hunger, remixed, though the book is better, really, because this site spoils what the book is about, and what the book reveals in the last pages (trip, best consumed in one read)
[google maps] twitterende mensen in Amsterdam
Do. Not. Trust. The. Search Engine Optimer. Do. Not. Poison. The. Web. Derek Powazek
[full text] an essay on criticism, alexander pope
the mother of all demos, douglas engelbart
[pictures slideshow] dogs dressed as their owners
'I want to build a clock that ticks once a year. The century hand advances once every 100 years, and the cuckoo comes out on the millennium. I want the cuckoo to come out every millennium for the next 10,000 years.' Danny Hillis
uit Peter Pillers Luftbildarchiv 'Von Erde schöner' (20.000 luchtfoto's van vrijstaande huizen) de deelverzamelingen Autowäsche, schlafende Häuser en Pfade
[forever now] vandaag laat damien hirst vlinders natuurgetrouw naschilderen
(via iemand) jan robert leegte, the act of selecting objectified
[facebook] YOUR profile pictures
how many people are in space right now?
(via trendbeheer) peter de meyer, down
[vimeo] the internet archive the best tool for preservation is giving it away, die kerk, die scanner, die boekenopslag
the machine stops, e.m. forster
in duplo mugshots versus facebook profile pictures
google street view hyperlapse
horrendous image tweeted by douglas coupland
jonathan lethem, my internet, the need for a more profound exclusion, an Internet entirely of my own
(via tim maly) someone feeding birds
[reallife progress indicator] spinning wheel and spinning wheel
new website ief spincemaille, I love his work and stories
tom scott, when facebook resurrected the dead
tom scot, facebook graph searches
[extreme action choreographer] streb
makers, cory doctorow
(via saskia) ted x philly, zoe strauss
(via trendbeheer) google maps streetview player
[youtube] geiten zijn de nieuwe katten en kitten
(via zie.nl) puppy in jaaroverzicht
roger scruton, the great swindle
(via daviddarts) bruce sterling, state of the world 2013
(via trendbeheer) nog meer google streetview indoors, westerkerk, met handig draaiwieltje voor 360graden view vanuit klokketoren
8 minuut 30 t/m 11 minuut 27 we have no idea what did that, they formed a subconscious consensus
[vimeo] all watched over by machines of loving grace
12.12.12 end of vvork
(via annedien) melancholia, lars von trier, full movie
(via @weblala) google street view indoor
roseboomweemen lichtklub
(via annedien) farmer denied to build shelter
a brief history of art
who needs google?
500 knitted sweaters, never been worn, loes veenstra
(via trendbeheer) dubbelganger
[filling cracks, lego] jan vormann eat your heart out
don’t bubble us
when you search google herpes
(via annedien) Ok I am Human Now
[youtube] russian dash cams
[documentaire] panopticon
alternative search engines
groetjes uit apeldoorn! bas fontein
(via hyperallergic) if you hate your children and love art
sara ludy, gif landscapes
[postinternet] heavy meta
brock davis gummy bearskin rug
(via RT @annedien) in het wild gefotografeerde gelijkgekleden
(via trendbeheer) netnietjes wereldwijd
(via zidouta.com) people doing stuff, everything is everything (koki tanaka, 2006)
(via @dougcoupland) real time map of trains in tokyo
what is life like without the net?
I really liked anna navndrup’s space is a matter, rietveld eindexamen 2012, video toont niet claustrofobie, blijven haken, en slechts een beetje het overweldigende (= veel licht) effect wanneer je door de laatste draden stapt: de transparantie van de heenweg verandert in een witte ondoorzichtbare wand wanneer je je omdraait
scary beautiful
john rafman’s various finds on Google Street View
consume consume
in de mail (wegklikanxiety): ‘blijf kijken hetiseenanimated gif’ london 2012
critics are not meant to be cheerleaders or educators or advertisers – 60 wrd/min art critic
pointerpointer by @studiomoniker
the flip side of a big audience, gina trapani
[bloggen] ‘Kun je niet iets over een bezoek aan de Albert Heijn schrijven? Gewoon, een voor iedereen herkenbaar voorvalletje uit je leven? En huisdieren, die doen het ook altijd goed. Schrijf wat over die kat van je.’
(via tubelight) net.artdatabase.org, archiveren/documenteren net art
unlike us resources
they have never felt the pain of photographic failure, camera man, malthe stigaard
pareidolia m. februari
bravo! now how do you make a video like this out of chat roulette?
(via gene mchugh) black moth en PUREkev en yooouuutuuube.com
(via douglas coupland) recursieve google image search
dump.fm is an elite real-time image chat community
post internet (2010), gene mchugh
job smeets in de comments op lizzz’s weblog
(via annedien) fokzenaantfilme
sincerely hana, switcheroo
dries segers gereflecteerd in anish kapoor’s vertigo in de pont
[on human perception] a tribe in a dense forest, rafaël rozendaal
enlist today, animated gif occupation army, you will be called up for duty
[valse tweeling] regenboog (mirjam mieras) en sokken omdraaien (frida derksema)
hemelzakje, roselyne
gold, alexandra bachzetsis
[ipad] touch sensitive, chris ware
we are not associated with youtube, this site is our way of begging youtube to add a repeat button
real madrid tegen 109 kinderen in guangzhou
yves klein’s youtube-channel
duits, gym en natuurkunde voortaan één vak
(via roseboom/weemen) bach, toccata and fugue in d minor with bar-graph score
nyan cat
(via trendbeheer) casualties of war
(annedien) rockstar baby
London_Spitalfields, Oxford v Cambridge Goat Race 2011, Bless
an institute of investigative living, A-Z
(via hanneke) you are listening to new york
(via trendbheer) wow! who needs google maps? baidu maps
shrunken man down the toilet
downsizing the human species to better fit the earth, The Incredible Shrinking Man
(via bente) papieren pop-up theater met lichtprojectie, the ice book
(via lizzz) complicated technical solutions to aide in simple acts of vandalism
kvk-factuur, de recensiekoning
van de maker van de éénmiljoendollarpagina, do nothing for 2 minutes
who are those people with tiny sewing machines
tubelight-website is omgekat
kunst is wat mensen mooi vinden, schop ze tot ze een boek gaan lezen
[datamining] nuage vert toont met een laserbeam realtime het energieverbruik van huishoudens
ze bestaan, natuurlijk bestaan ze, walter white en saul goodman
1 hour, 36 minutes, 50 seconds, 28,144 images – Roy Arden’s The World as Will and Representation
Spelling, Hansje van Halem
Stop MAKE-ing Machine
(via wild breien) micro-fiber militia
blingee (frida kahlo, 2010)
embroidered wonder bread
[flickr] NotionsCapital
google street view photo’s wieder entpixeln
photobombing cats
wiebelende strip
web folklore collector saskia aldinger
(olia lialina) ‘bringing years of Web surfing into a single frame’ web mandala canvas
stephanie davidson (david hockney, a bigger splash) animated gif
to dress as a hyperlink
a response to zadie smith, literary writers and social media
(via douglas) michaelstipe.com
(via jaap) nee’s niks
een blog is er niet voor iedereen, over kunstblogs en societygedoe
marco borsato, waterkant
youtube play, broadcasting ourselves :-) biennial of creative video with the guggenheim
i like the work of betty ras
facebook news feed edition, hamlet
(via sneakerpeet) foam printer
beeld hal werk, allemaal missen ze het museale wit
(via hanneke) smoYohooo!
[prijs] het gouden randje, mensen zoals ben wilson die plakjes kauwgum op de stoep beschildert
(via trendbeheer) justin, whitney en internet
[ design ] via-milano, Ingeborg de Roode selecteerde 150 ontwerpen
(via sabien) i think that my massage table might be broken
[urbanibalism] maaltijd met voedsel gevonden binnen ring A10
(via no blah blah) oscar fernando gomez
[youtube/buuvnl] beeld hal werk, zoro feigl (2010) en marinus boezem (1968)
[pdf] cultural bloggers interviewed
amsterdam noord, beeld hal werk
(via flopke) standbeelden
the artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude have no direct or indirect affiliation or involvement with AT&T rethink possible
social networking with the living dead
(via annedien) journalism warning labels
the content-free encyclopedia, uncyclopedia
now on flickr, neelie kroes eu
tom tom
(via trendbeheer) social media strategy
(via dutchproblogger) OhLife, elke dag om 20:00 uur een mailtje
open a banana
handleiding voor de valsistiese intellectueel
(via m. februari) 70 million – hold your horses
rob kiekens gebarentaalfilmpjes (iam=interactieve media)
andrew keen als videohost, what the internet is doing to our brains, the shallows
guggenheim, youtube play
annechien meier rijdt met een snelheid van 25 km per uur over secundaire wegen van Den Haag naar Duitsland
12 en 13 juni 2010, atelierroute boven ‘t IJ
hello world, lego felt tip printer
douglas coupland, digital orca
roger reuver, habitat #10
yoko ono, my mommy is beautiful
(via domein voor kunstkritiek), de kantlijn, ruimte voor EEN beeld en EEN tekst uit het noorden
(via en bij trendbeheer) een rare zonsondergang
myself: chickenshit, I suppose, I never took my seat before either, abramovic/kienholz
das lachen der hannah arendt, volker märz
hijacked webcam feeds framed into one page, parasite engine #18
skik heeft hier ooit een videoclip opgenomen, the broken circle, robert smithson
(via aaf/google) uitpakparties voor vrouwen, haul videos
unique in europe, logo-paintings
(via lizzz) typografiecommercial
(via vincent) geocities-izer
feestelijke presentatie met modelhelikopter-demonstratie van de heer boonstra van helischool oldeberkoop, lieke snellen in SYB
be calm, smile
on the NDSM-wharf on the north banks of the river IJ, nieuw dakota
maarten baas, wekkerradiomannetje
(via @dusseldorp) google earth alphabet
bob de graaf, on the crossing of species
if real life were more like the internet
(via @lizzz) cassettebandjeskunst
everything getting wet and things floating where they weren’t supposed to, ophelia by john everett millais
no excuse for laziness when conducting important experiments, eadweard muybridge, horse in motion
paaseieren voor grafisch gevorderden, pysanka
digitaal maoïsme
graham harwood’s butchering of tate’s website, uncomfortable proximity (2000)
schaamhaar uit de broekspijpen, kijken naar de dans van Matisse
(via @iskander) hello kitty anatomy
Niets haat ik meer dan zeemzoete fotografie met trucjes, poses en effecten.
Dus sta me toe eerlijk te zijn over onze tijd en zijn volk.
houtkachelkunst, 3 Ster mit Ausblick
33 artists use databases to comment on their uses and to imagine unknown uses, database imaginary
artists who have questioned what it means to undertake the personal act of putting oneself ‘on-air’, broadcast yourself
de loop der dingen
(via vvoi) embedding
(via items) annyas.com, the movie titles stills collection
a brief history of pretty much everything
(via trendbeheer) logorama, the movie
are you evil? google services
hotel modern, animation festival
indianapolis museum of art, so you think you can blog
(via trendbeheer) klikpuzzels, twitch
the internet is made of cats
rethinking curating, art after new media
sarah e cooks boek is zojuist bij haar gearriveerd, rethinking curating
al3x, on the ipad
stadsschouwburg / upload cinema, canon van youtube
theo, met de iPad begint een nieuw mediatijdperk
gestolen kunst, via deze website proberen we gestolen kunst terug te vinden
opsporing verzocht, herkent u zichzelf?
google is god in het kwadraat
melinda taub, god twitters creation
maarten doorman – linken, plakken en reageren – het woeden van de kritiek
zeitguised, peripetics
dina goldstein’s fallen princesses, snowy, cinder, rapunzel and jasmine
citaten van de kunstenaars, abstracte kunst
christian moeller, cheese
what my friends are doing on facebook, lee walton
photographs shot in the opposite direction, 180 degrees encyclopedia
isabella rozendaals recept voor erwtensoepkroket
making is connecting
mix academy
(via florian) naoko ito
theo over worm moddr web 2.0 suicide machine
pes, kerst – kaboom
(via lizzz) films shall not be just wanna try it too’s, meaningless, overdone, too experimental, computer animated (at least not to heavy) or übertrendy… 100 gezichten
(via impa) sarah kay performs “B”
motion reel, parkour
enschede heeft zijn cultuurmijl, amersfoort zijn cultuurlint
me you and everyone we know is a curator
(via vvoi) zimoun
wat maakt kunst zo bijzonder voor jou? pam emmerik
in verband met de eerste tentoonstelling TOP SECRET wordt het adres van het museum nog niet vrijgegeven
(via robert) japanese design principles
xandra schutte kiest twee foto’s van susan sontag
the hostbody, the guestface
inspired by dutch painter piet mondrian
hirst mag altijd bellen, diamantschedel
mapping manhattan animals
lars arrhenius, the man without qualities
times square, art square
vvoi, wink
there is no fold, love your scrollbar
voorgestelde beeldenruil den haag en amsterdam, thorbecke en spinoza
design and everyday life essays by debbie millman, look both ways
(via charlie) enter the lol blog matrix
weblog van pilvi takala
what is interaction? are there different types
(via blogroll – hahaha – van vincent van gogh), weblog van george orwell
dode mensen die bloggen, vincent van gogh
the artist spends the afternoon in his tiny apartment listening to music he dislikes and ruminating on what it means to be an artist. Afternoon (March 22, 1999)
wat een url, http://vanabbemuseum.nl/browse-all/?tx_vabdisplay_pi1[ptype]=18&tx_vabdisplay_pi1[project]=50&cHash=da2ff5d3a8
real fonts on your website, typekit
probably damien hirst ‘self portrait’ 2030, mariusz tarkawian
actionscript3 framework for non-developers, come out and play, hype
the big smoke, geertvanmil.org
diy hardware, free open source software, 50$ and a computer, eyewriter.org
plato is gay, view page source
one hundred flowers, one thousand posts
(via iskander) kleurrijke video, ok go / wtf?
an adolescent girl ’s image of beauty
op nu.nl, kunstnazi’s
de fotografie-links van fotodok
what’s next? schilderijen opgeknipt in photoshop layers
natuurlijk – twitterature – boeken opgeknipt in 140 characters
me you and everyone we know is a curator, symposium
(via @earlybird44) ed bing lee, ice cream cone
op mijn sinterklaasverlanglijstje voor buuv.nl, blogged people index
om de hoek kunst
(via yasmijn) edwin van der heide
altijd je data bij de groen-, geel-, rood-, blauwbestikkerde hand
(via trendbeheer) selfcontrolfreak, kill your darling
i love this, green porno 3
the digital curator
synchronized wallpaper for two mobile phones
filmpje in boekje, koele suggestie
(via sabien) intimate interfaces
(via trendbeheer) speaking piano
what a woman, joan healy, my hairy banjo & cyberskin
valse tweeling, geert muls match of the day
blog from space
‘in een soort grote iglo met honderden tv’s rondom’, T-Visionarium
meer katten op het log, kattenlogica
de demonstratieve kunstenaar
uitgaansformule, agenda voor wetenschap en technologie
over is right, under is wrong
(via vvoi) welcome to now
flowchart, hey jude
marie-josé klaver, aan de slag met web 2.0, 23 dingen voor musea
(via trendbeheer) beeldruis
vertov’s man with a movie camera, global remake
(via @mirsky) mads lynnerup routines, sønder boulevard
donald norman, books to read
dagelijks online tijdschrift voor kunst en journalistiek, hard//hoofd
time shares, professional surfer
scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, petra cortright
vertaalkritiek wat is dat, barber van de pol
fortune cookies voor de literaire kritiek, deReactor.org
the art of sleep, 18 min 30 sec, 4.18MB, with sound, Macromedia Flash 6 or higher required
heavy industries, verbal narratives set to jazz, young hae chang
an alternative browsing experience, shredding 1.0
iphone, mcsweeney’s app
the making of, jorge colombo’s finger paintings
brushes iphone art, jorge colombo
david hockney, drawings made with the Brushes application on his iPhone
(via orphé) kruisjes en cirkels
tim davis schrijft over fotografie
tim davis, my audience
virus poem
piet mondriaan galore
dode mensen, batterij
wc-rol kunst
typ je bericht, kies je duif, i dove you
(via mirsky) key of life, levenswetenschappenkunstfestival
het is wat, al die videokanalen overal, tate channel
(via mirsky) spinning vinyl, ipod touch prototype
(via bright) boijmans arttube
(via annet) looking for art in all the wrong places
(via mirsky) graham smith, telepresence art
zoe strauss, spain and france
(via dennis) logo’s in comic sans
(via virtueel platform) moviestar
(via sabien) op de leeslijst, communities of play
wellbehaved suit, autowassen
(reclame op trendbeheer) losing signal has never been this fun, e-art on AIR
cory arcangel in NIMk is boring
balakov’s setup shot for dali atomicus
it happened, sal randolph’s microblog
the world we inhabit is abundant beyond our wildest imagination
(via hicham) robert william overweg, photographing virtual environments
(via annet) re:visie 2009, dear cinema…
we kunnen weer stemmen
baltan laboratories’ photostream
i love this gruesome movie, the english surgeon
de papieren wereld, opgevangen
(via iskander) coffin poser
xplane, did you know 4.0
(via hanneke) turn on 1, 11 en 20 in Bb 2.0
muiswerk woordenboek
(via schrijfdan) prune that prose
(via angelique) michelle teran, ubermatic
(via sabine) Information Visualization Manifesto
potato and apple keep contact
theater aan ‘t spui, den haag, blog-art-2009
(via annedien) olympic posters proposal for london 2012
i like the live preview in de adresbalk, favicon generator
joghurtbecher and the iron discipline of daily posting
fascinating, terrifying
recreation of Richard Prince’s 1989 rephotograph Untitled (Cowboy)
het beademen van de beeldbuis
frankrijk en postbode
i like rainbow (2) mirjam mieras
museum van ongehoorde dingen
the believer, interview with rebecca solnit
trampolina by lumasol
h.l. mencken
wow, ziet er mooi uit, city island
awkward family photos
ria van dijk en het goud van lopik
bent u dit?
geneviève gauckler + erik natzke, adobe cs4
op boeklog michel de montaigne
mondrian toys & games, speelgoed-mondriana
plastieken plunk, hattie
(via vvoi) i love those chairs
(learning to) loveyoumores
zevenen tachtig
gouden knopen in een ziekenhuisbed
funnily enough
Sara leidt Kijk!
portret fotografie
site views, visitor’s landscapes
cory arcangel, drei klavierstucke op. 11 (2009)
digitaal cultureel magazine, de optimist
als je weet dat niemand je teksten zal lezen, wat schrijf je dan, charlotte marres
(via boeklog) writers on writing
(via camathome) catcerto
total eclipse of the heart, literal video version
photobombing, photobombing
pepsi, coca-cola
voor de barbie!
een dag in het park met Groenewoud en Buij, Interpark
must one be willing to become mentally ill in the name of art? the believer
congrats frank! the black snapper launches today
(via rebecca blood) crap detection 101
Speak Up Archives, august 2002 – april 2009
here’s My Internet
back in 1996 or 1997, when you could finish the Internet
das iPhone ist keine Kamera, Foto ohne -grafie
kunst in de openbare ruimte, anthill sculpture
update op bas fontein
if you are close to me
hahaha, me too, doing some augmented reality stuff
wow, op 2:01 seconden, bob ross die in één streek een boom schildert, verbleekt bij kseniya simonova
dance into the sunlight, michael jackson
ignore everybody
Travels in Conceptual Art, 1960–1976, In & Out of Amsterdam
(via bright) anneloes van gaalen, never use white type on a black background
(via charlie), bbc digital revolution
image bookmarking, ffffound!
(via annedien) de wereld, een woonboulevard
angelique explains expo, here & there
10 tips om creatief te zoeken op het web, inspiradar
explore the flickr tag space, tagnautica
tear.jerk.er [noun] – a grossly sentimental story, drama, or performance, an excessively sentimental narrative
5 days off
(via annedien) eternal moonwalk
photoshop tutorials, love de depressieve voice over, you’re ready to take it to the next level
documentary, addicted to plastic
designing the inevitable, naoto fukasawa
the story of stuff
(via bright) runpee
philips versus
kevin kelly, triumph of the default
(via boeklog) little book of comforts and gripes
kunstacademie eindexamenexpo’s
(via trendbeheer) wow! thuisblijfwens: kan hij ook kunst in de openbare ruimte in googlemaps pixelen?
(via trendbeheer) nieuw
maar omdat ik niet wil meedoen aan het debat over de tekenkunst heb ik de tekeningen gefotografeerd
jan vormann, most of the holes filled here were remainders of ww2
jos de mul, het tijdvak van de digitale recombineerbaarheid
we mimic endurance without doing the labor, no one needs to suffer on this one, please watch for 1 year
lernert engelberts, hoe vertel ik het mijn ouders
flevoland, kunstland
als er niets te denken is, dan schrijf je niet
for now to the end of consciousness, we are stuck with the task of defending art
no matter what the film says, she is not gwyneth paltrow
lernert engelberts & sander plug, wraak/revenge
rosas, mooie pagina opbouw, foto die verdwijnt
cultureel magazine, sapsite
goudkoorts, iedereen rijk in de app store
365 dagen actie in antwerpen, kalender09
within a guide to writing well, reviews
a guide to writing well
elke maand een uitzicht, 1 maand 15 euro
touch, iphone rfid mediaplayback control
moet design de wereld redden, henk oosterling
gina trapani’s list of android apps
wie was montaigne
art babble, play art loud.
(via lizzz) Variable Grid System – css generator
long takes too long, short is in
gina trapani, show off your android
yellow, green and black strokes allude to Mondrian’s Victory Boogie Woogie, anton corbijn designs logo
today i love watching extreme shepherding
street with a view
(via I/M/D) paper infographics
i love, hate, think, believe, feel and wish
nureyev muppet
pakhuis de zwijger, geheugenhuis
opgeslokt door twitters fail whale
nog meer bewegende huizen, the sliding house
de groene amsterdammer, de escapist
Dieter Rams en Apple design
barry’s favorite logo’s of 2008
the tiny art director
lachen is kunst?
gerard in de lift van museum boijmans van beuningen
he, dat was gisteren, draaiend huis
gerard van opstal, ron mueck
pas de deux DV8, the cost of living
(via ejp), improv everywhere, the arriving and departing of the train (ongoing since 1932)
in de hallen haarlem, guido van der werve
designing gestural interfaces
how to show performance on the internet
why (and how) to read books on an iphone
new math, diamond
(via rebecca blood) wrapping techniques, furoshiki
het mysterie van een essay
strictly no photography
Shepard Fairey on being original
fifty londoners, one question
(via 4711) dans l’herbe, ignatus
meespelen in de nieuwe laura van dolron?
the society of the spectacle, guy debord
a user’s guide to detournement
what the f***
cultuur filmpjes
today, my procrastination link
rotterdamse schouwburg, beeldspoor
readymade beeldhouwwerk, beton belvedere
(via lizzz) it’s like asking someone to swallow the sun, having a genius instead of being a genius
the links of martha colburn
flipbook galore, kraak & smaak, squeeze me
op 1:32 breedbeeld poppenkast
reminder to self, rabobank kunstcollectie
vn favorieten, kunst en cultuur blogs
(musicloop on this page) move mouseman around, hit him, hit him, hit him
kris kras cobra
(via voorteken) amazing, you can navigate and look at art, world’s smallest website
art history new style, smart history
today there are 158452 flipbooks
graffiti is geen vandalisme, trouwens ook geen kunst, eerder onhandige architectuurkritiek
how to write with style, kurt vonnegut
the mac at 25, douglas coupland
ik ben tegen kunst in de openbare ruimte
the artist as consumer of extreme comfort
(via lizzz) mash up – duffy & the police
sarah thornton, seven days in the artworld
i like this log, ivar hagendoorn
impa in museum boymans van beuningen
(via trendbeheer) pretty loaded, a preloader museum
(via vvork.com) petra on vimeo
(via I/M/D) mactini
lernert engelberts & sander plug (chocoladen haas, 2007) I love Alaska
brendan dawed, flash tsunami
where are/were you? ten:15
ron amstutz
roland barthes, camera lucida
tilt shift miniature faking is the new what’s next
at least once a week I go into Google Earth just browse over our Planet
(via vvork) aesthetic echo, rafael rozendaal
those were the days
24 hours, 24 artists
maag draait om, körner union
I like bionic woman
oooh, dutch tv, james kalm
believer, the sentence is a lonely place
i like this url
(via impa) evelien lohbecks noteboek
hirst, bacon and rothko, yippee we’re all going to die
the old brand new, a lecture series in stadsschouwburg amsterdam
let op, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 jimi -ene van- hendrix huisje
the believer nov/dec 2008, the paralyzed cyclops
gordon lester, pursued by a bear
annie leibovitz, picture this
internet knikt nee
make love to the camera
James Kalm, Marlene Dumas at the MoMa
interactive video object manipulation
300 works, design and the elastic mind
Guerrilla Gardening
network of amateur self-sustaining people who have shortened their lifespan, Extreme Green Guerrillas
(via mrs. deane) a room with a view
(via dailydanai.com) visual movie reviews
modern painters, matthew collings’s diary
ntgent, download animal origami, boat, fish, pig, penguin
heather’s videotip, steady on
zefrank, angrigami
witte de with, where do we go from here
slow mo, oh no no, under the bridge
(via mrs. deane) balloon makers fair
Here is always somewhere else
barbie jewelry
het kan wat worden met een weblog na 10.000 uur of grofweg 14 jaar
nice portfolio site and sweet navigation, ron arad
(via vvork.com) autoportraits
bloggen, ik word er zo gelukkig van
beroemde kunstenaars, lives of the great artists
funny, nowadays tv commercials seem to be made in order to show the making of, toshiba timesculpture
drawn to life, reanimating the animate
flipbook links
(via I/M/D) David Shrigley
inspired by the works of bas jan ader
ascension, koolhaas houselife
nieuws van bas fontein
alles in de wind, barber van de pol
48 video’s over beeldende kunst
damien hirst, for the love of god
zoe strauss: at 4 the show is done, that means that if people want to take the photographs they can
beaker, ode to joy
(via de papieren wereld) als Bach de videocamera had gekend
(via de papieren wereld) bluescreen rossini
honda cog, one success after 605 failures
save your sensible
(via sara) 22 unexpected alphabets
virtual racing
esthetische destructie, propedeuse students 2008|09 iam hva, stopmotion animation
Iets maken is in essentie altijd een bevestigend gebaar, een ja, (dat mini-donald-juddje)
green porno
prijs voor de jonge kunstkritiek jonge kunstcriticus
responses to youtube, video vortex reader
twitter-by- color
Banksy’s chicken nuggets dip themselves
(via maarten) miranda july’s learning to love you more
transparant layers, neubauism
in het vijf minuten museum, shadow monsters
robert jans, photo’s
post it! the analog showreel show, poly xelor
niemand mag het te weten komen, Esther Gerritsens De Kopvoeter
reading groups, w139
if only she could find a guy to marry called mr mation, then she’d be ani mation.
eigen link eerst! ooglijm
han hoogerbrugge, prostress 2.0
that was it, stefan sagmeister
summer winter autumn spring
Damien Hirst’s genius consists in getting people to buy his art
youtube’s destruction
for you I would do anything, F
jörg colberg about political art
Barcinski & Jeanjean
I love Underware’s I love Type workshops
Looking very forward to, The Art of Flipbook
a birthday present for my little nephew
hans teeuwen over toneel
Bas Fontein next month in opzichterhuisje
one take videoclip, trampoline gymnasts simulating video effects zZz’s Grip
Paul Klee, it’s a confusion of colours
reminder to self, pictoplasma new york 2008
gerritzen en van mensvoort, powerpoint cinema masterclass
flopke, journalist bij de volkskrant
(via annedien) haha, ‘watch’, visual thinking
stopmotion animation by nike, post it
national blog posting month, november 27th 2007
five dials, number 2
Marinus Boezem in het Digitaal museum van Alex van Amersfoort
als je dood gaat graag willen uitleggen hoe de wasmachine werkt, denken over denken
I’m looking forward to blog08
(via mark) telescopic text
a blog about play, pixelsumo
I love this pixelimagegame
welzijnstaal kom je tegen, maar ook Franse filosofen
En hier zijn die spreekwoorden in emaille geïllustreerd
Nieuwe Nederlandse Spreekwoorden van Babette Wagenvoort
lotte reiniger would have loved this, pilobolus
the Beatles? just a band, thou shalt always kill
sometimes red, sometimes blue
today I use the cross stitch text generator
dancing tulips from Amsterdam, sonokinese
Harry Mulisch als Sherlock Holmes, De Bovenwereld
the blog of George Orwell
they glorify machines, but they get easily bored with them, NEEN
change Window Size to see Moving Pixel Portraits
Jacqueline Dufresne’s Apple Jacket
Promotional Video for the Wim Delvoye Action Doll
mrs. deane, grids on images
create circular words with Guy Rombout’s line-alphabet, az-art
I like point, ligne et particules
Het Gevolg, Het Gras zal altijd Geeler zijn
(via lizzz) yes, design can make you happy, stefan sagmeister
reminder to self, big picture blogging
why man creates, saul bass
I love chaotic blogpostings with anekdotes, pictures and an observation about sunflowers like this one by Zoe Strauss
(via mrs. deane) bad writing and fundamental rottenness in art criticism, christian demand
I love this cock, Guido Geelen
Ellen Lupton makes graphic design look like something that actually can be taught, The New Basics
my view at 5 pm, theo de feyter
I would have loved to see Ankie van der Heijdens, Reverse eleven
balloon graffiti, d. billy
Beautiful energy saving lamp, Lotte van Laatum
(via annedien) word clouds generator, Dante’s Divina Commedia
Strictly Baby Fight Club
My kid could do that, Ellsworth Kelly and Agnes Martin
armchair philosophy
50 cents per idea
‘They must be twins, I think,’ Improv Everywhere
The making of Kaboom by PES is also amazing
Kaboom by PES
dvd-magazine of unseen films from McSweeney’s, wholphin
reminder to self, go watch daphne rosenthal’s, him and her
Remake trailer, Six Feet Under
visitekaartje van katharina sutch, lego werknemer
Lustwarande 8 recensie op (mooie nieuwe site) Metropolis M, inclusief commentaar curator
bad, neutral, good photo’s; beauty; grace; dignity; Jock Sturges
I like Tomas Schats Lantaarnpaal en Boom
haha, art streetart
Nicolas Provost, Papillon D’Amour
How long can you stand like a fire exit man?
a look into the lives of overworked pictograms
Merlijn Twaalfhoven, lijst van mooivinden op alfabet
Robert Devriendt, Schilderen
rekto: verso
republiek der verbeelding, De Subjectivisten
Nagi Noda
(via bente) re-enactment die ik wel leuk vind – ‘the original is somewhat more distressing than the Lego version. It’s the smiley faces that do it.’ – classics in lego
Hoe maak je een portret van iemand? Judith Herzberg
Bas Heijne, Hollandse toestanden
Beelden op de berg, Exoten
Teach The Controversy
on Tess of d’Urbervilles, The Best Bit
Raymonds foto’s van Sonsbeek 2008 processie en generale repetitie
Traveling with Nara Yoshitomo
an introduction of sorts, smells like avantpop
(via textism.com) 60 seconds in the life of
Remainder, art disguised as novel, Tom McCarthy
cult of newness, reenactment
One-to-one, Luisa Heinrich
Nice interview, It’s always six o’clock, Eva and Franco Mattes
Sjeng Schupp, animaties
the critic bites back, lee siegel
it’s been a year since i last wrote on this stove
clouds of consumer products, anders jakobsen
ctrlaltdelete.org, kunstvlaai2008
(via annedien) banned from youtube, parody guitar videos
(via Rebecca’s pocket) Telephone Sheep
Erwins, Edwins, Dirks, Sharons A Clay Romance
Wow, what an archive of film and video, UbuWeb
Windhond dacht ik, maar het is een Air Bear
Anders Weberg, share it for as long as you like. Or delete it immediately. The aesthetics of ephemerality.
(via mark), reinventing color from 1950 to today, moma color chart
Common Craft, Blog in Plain English
After 391: Picabia’s early multimedia experiments
Brian David Mooney, Poet on the Moon
(via vvork.com) colorflip
On my to do wishlist, troll workshop in Norway
(via annedien) singing ringing tree
Against the machine, Lee Siegel
Why you don’t really need to buy we’ve got blog
platform for publishing collections and exhibitions online, Omeka
Misschien toch liever Claes Oldenburgs opblaaskunst dan dit
Thoughts on portraiture
Reconstructions, Ruth van Beek
(via vvork.com) moresoon, tales of the unexpected
Causing scenes of chaos and joy in public places, Improv Everywhere
Lucian Freud
Blogging Japanese style
Wanda Perez, Een blog voor je kop
Walkerart, Art Entertainment Network
Today I listen to Californian Dreaming, Computergenerated Covers
Steve Dietz, Interfacing the digital
Pinkys Paperhouse, To ultimately blog
Sarah Boxer, The New York Review of Books, Blogs
iA, Web Trendmap 2008
Via WMMNA, Zoe Papadopoulou Cosies for Electronic Objects
Hahaha, Midsummernight, Studiobility
Kunst boven het kopieerapparaat, Vereniging Bedrijfscollecties Nederland
Shadow, Eddo Stern
Russel’s teapot
Stop-motion animation, Valerie Pirson
Columns (weblogberichten?) op de site van het Bonnefantenmuseum
Hahaha, Rejected, Don Hertzfeldt
Ju, Pocket Films for Travelers
Today I like faqmagazine
Start a blog: What would I do different, Gina Trapani
I like this very much, showreel
Engelberts en Plug, Chocolade haas
Danielle van Ark
Re-enactment is nogal heet
Andrew Keen, Kissing Google’s Knol
Platform voor jonge kunst, Expodium
Designklicks, blog
Emigre Essays
micro blogging
VBS.TV, Richard Prince
Ready mades, in motion
Chaterine Chalmers, Pinkies
Food Chain
Designhuis, t/m 23 maart 2008 60 jaar Design Academy
Big Think
Bookreview Tactile
Visualizing: Tracing an aesthetics of data
Meteen dat essay van Camiel van Winkel besteld
Create a lettering with one long piece of material, ZigZagZombie
The pinboard of Dennis Koot
Sarah Sze
10 tips for new bloggers
(via fontanel:) redesign, design.nl
Vandaag zag ik de leeswolf
Waiting for famous people, Pablo Picasso
Geneviève Gauckler aux Pays-Bas
Via Maartens weblog over fotografie, luie schilders
Ik wil dat boekje van Robert Devriendt lezen, Schilderen
Thanks Linda, for the invitation! Jeanette Winterson
Lars Arrhenius, man zonder eigenschappen
2e biënnale voor social design, utrecht manifest
Job, Joris en Marieke
Hahaha, Melodious Monk
Virginia Woolf, Ronald Reagan, Andy Warhol, Diaries
Over 1000 jaar is dit klaar, John Gerrard
I saw great TM City exhibition in Stedelijk by Richard Niessen
Hoe de computer ons zag
Boogie, it’s all good
I like very much David Oreilly’s Colonel Blimp
Nele Buys, character design
I like the work of Kara Walker
Marjane Satrapi, Persepolis
I love art, Frank vande Veire
Kunst moet niet meer Barbara van Erp
T-shirts, 2k
Klikkedieklik, HTV links
Leuk hoe dat roltrappictogram barokkig losbreekt, Fleur Gieben
Marius Watz, Universal Digest Machine
Krant kopen
Tip van Hanneke (playertje links), Neonbelle
Little Jean, Genevieve Gauckler
Een blog voor je kop, Wanda Perez
Patacorp and Thermokukus, Geneviève Gauckler
I like Believer Mag.
Stuk 2007, de trailers
Which came first, part two.
Today I like Elbert’s Rushing Room Racer
200 students
Saskia Korsten, ik wil het ook over kunst hébben en niet alleen kunst máken.
Hieke Pars, bewoners van de Perimflat in Zaandam
Exit, Pursued by a Bear
Aujourd’hui j’aime mes doigts
Lachen we later niet heel hard om al dat web 2.0? Video Vortex
Drop dead gorgeous, Daniela Edberg, Death by M&M’s
De wikipediapagina over kunst vind ik slecht
Did you know, the world without us
The Festival For Design And Other Things Not Necessarily Related.
Wat is allemaal te zien in Madurodam
Frederike Huygen, Visies op vormgeving
Geinig, die hoofdjes
design opinions expressed in 200 words or less, A brief message
devastating to share passion in atmosphere of wasteful apathy
A physical hitcounter, iMAL, Brussels
Haha, Logo Hallucination
An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar, Taryn Simon
A conversation that might have taken place, Hella Jongerius
Is lazy reporting harming the visual arts?
Eindhoven, de Witte Dame
Natuurlijk, I like harde lolly
Mashup Debate
SOS, Signalering Onjuist Spatiegebruik
De neef van Delvaux, Nicole Montagne
Betty en Paul, Palatti
Eddo Stern, postmasters
29 sept 2007, short ride in a fast machine
Reminder to self, Hedi Slimane
Today I saw in FOAM Hedi Slimane
Today I like, Hector draws a landscape
Oh my, jaloers, I like this text-only homepage: Annelys de Vet
Elke maand één nieuw werk, vijf minuten museum
Today I read is Twitter too good?
If companies were run like forums
Kunstproject 2.0, LTLYM
Graphic Design Gangsta Rap
Paintings and their colorpalettes, InTheMod
Today I like the work of Henrique van Putten
Pictoliefde, Stano Masárs The Global History of Art
Looking forward, learning to love you more
Their knowledge of Lego is comprehensive, Cake & Neave
Today I like Jen Starks sculptures
Download After Microsoft as a desktop wallpaper
Who needs comments in weblogs anyway? Projectionist
Het huis van witte tegels van Jean-Pierre Raynard
Theo Ploegs Cut-up
Designed for humans first, machines second (thnx mark), microformats
Representing human relationships using hyperlinks, XHTML Friends Network
Bente en Driebit maakten Zapp Mixer
Kunstroute Jong Land met Bas Fontein
Marcel Duchamp’s Nude Descending a Staircase
Vandaag botste ik tegen tussentaalenbeeld
Abstracte kunst? Dat kan mijn kleine zusje ook.
Katharine Berry built Ajaxlife
Avatars and their creators, Alter Ego
I live on bread and water, Barger explains
Haal een stuk museum in huis
We know very little about her, Mona Miclea
en daarbinnen mooi dan de terloopse zinnen
De hand die zo onbewust onhandig meebewoog, zo ogenschijnlijk onbelangrijk.
Couldn’t resist the url though I mistook the directory name for something else
The Belgian woman told me inspiringly about the endless forest
Alex Metcalf’s spikey teapot questions what a teapot can be
Today I walk the Kunstroute Museumkwartier
Visual elements of art and design
I like the make-believe-world of Kelli Connell
By Edward Gorey, the Gashlycrumb Tinies
To do, grand tour
Today I read Miranda July interviewing
Khaela Maricich
J.Otto Seibold’s Alice in Wonderland
Yesterday I saw Michael Wesely’s beautiful dying tulips
Tekst en beeld bij Bas Fontein
Pierre Mayers Orange Tree
500 years of female portraits in western art
Missed exhibition. I would have loved to see Multiple Selves
Remembering Suson Sontag
oh my god
Interfaces you can touch, Powercursor
Smile to you neighbour today, burenwinkel
I love this picture from Foammagazine, The Black Cloud
This is a picture I didn’t take
Today I listen to 25 sad songs
The Brick Testament
The guy who burnt the Rietveld chair, Maarten Baas
These bunnies known as Tuzki!
Re-plug: I love the work of Allan Sanders
Clare Rojas t/m 05-08-2007 in Museum Het Domein, Sittard
Note to self: visit Laura Owens in Bonnefanten museum
This is a beautiful hotdog
Cal Lane, Shovels (2005)
Inflatable Birds bij MU
AniBOOM, nice little online to to create silhouette shape animation
Wat een mooi boek: Jannie Regnerus’ het geluid van vallende sneeuw
Craig Robinsons superior Atlas of the world
Today I like the work of Mark Jenkins
Today I like Pictoplasma’s Bunny Mandala
Eindhoven, BOEH, who’s afraid of sculptures
Today I Like This Great Writer Website
Today I like psst pass it on
I like this hilarious videoclip by Alanis
Today I watch Molotov Alva
Lees mij
Today I like to watch the production of a Japanese print
A. L. Snijders kleine verhaaltjes in een klein literatuurtje
Tiny Icon Factory
Arts & Letters Daily
Today I watch Adobe’s creative mind
I love the work of Matt Pattinson
Lizzz sent me this link
Add graphics to your blog, by Creating Passionate Users
Leuk college! mooie motion graphics voor Assume the position
I like the timeset time feature (step 3)
Today I listen to Sauerkids radio: Love Misery Company
I like the free font manifesto
Lance Wyman, icon designer
Create a book
Vormator, the (vector) elements of design
Jelle van Dun, My animated world
Deiska, Muskee
Characters by Tom Tosseyn
Reminder: I need to order Virginia Tufte’s book
Vandaag doe ik een paardequiz
Schilderijen van Aukje Koks
Universal Leonardo
The story of the color red
Mooi beeld Maman in Oostende
Today I watch flash earth
Nathans beautifully animated Orpheus and Eurydice
Schattig, die vogeltjes
1000 words of advise for design students
Wat te doen met een punt
Today I subscribed to Maeda’s Laws of simplicity
I like this website of charlie dee
Today I like to drop ducks from the air
I like simplicity
Ten years of flash, 1998
Change browsersize to change image
Today I like clipart
Flatland or 3d, the screen is tricky, Nina Paley
Start your day in a good mood #2
Start your day in a good mood
Why not have a nice desktop
Always wanted to experience the phi phenonemon
Alexis made Stiltwalkers
I like the end, Dustball
Schrijven kun je leren, net als pianospelen
I love education rants
Chuck Palahniuk, Haunted
The Design Encyclopedia, Susan Kare
Herstel, deze wil ik aan de muur
I want this painting, The Cholmondeley Ladies
Ann Meskens, op de rug der dingen
Nina Tolstrups mirror becomes an ironboard
Even better than Just Letters, The Broth
Today I like tiny grow
I try to click on Leo’s Apples
Today I watch the movies of Douwe Dijkstra
Ik heb alweer zin in Sinterklaas
Buurvrouw linkt naar de overburen
Today I love the crackery tableware
De ontdekking van de Stelling van Pythagoras
Today I read Modern Painters
Om zeeziek van te worden, locoroco
I love the Book of Numbers
Today I watch the Blue Ball Machine
Energetic little guy
The end of perspective?
Haha, die man heeft vlekken op zijn hoofd
Movies and short documentaries about type
Lunchpauze, ik lees de mental map van Steffen Maas
Text by Lev Manovich, Generation Flash
Op mijn te-doen-lijst, Gilbert en George
Today I create a silly walk
Today I play a game of Tetris
Infinity and beyond
kunst opruimen
Today I stumbled upon punctuation day
[youtube] choreography, gabriel lester
Today I watch this beautiful animation Giant Steps by Michal Levy
Foto’s van Aarsman
Night time just got a little brighter
Vandaag kijk ik schilderijen
G. heeft last van navelpluis
Lizzz stuurde me vandaag JCB song
Kies, kies, kies het mooiste kunstwerk van de afgelopen 50 jaar
Na lang vergaderen vielen de chocoladeletter en Swift af, yeah right.
Kapitaal, just letters, animatiefilm
[youtube/buuvnl] bend the void, geoff mcfetridge
[youtube/buuvnl] rietveld academie, final works, eindexamen 2007, zoro feigl en eva heisterkamp
[youtube/buuvnl] the dancers, pawel althamer, stedelijk amsterdam in post cs
Geheugentest, logo’s tekenen
Vandaag met plezier gelezen, poolijs
[youtube] yoshitomo nara in GEM
The museum of online museums, MoOM
Today, Time for Type
An illustrated bible, The Bricks Testament
Collages van Kurt Waldmann
Oh!!!! yogi baby
Anka with carpal tunnel syndrome, Splink Injury Series
Danielle Aubert reading The Philosophy of Andy Warhol
Nabokov pakte met zijn sneeuwwitte handen het vlindernet
to-do-lijstje (dank linda!): Rembrandt en Caravaggio
Hij vindt het heel mooi want het was nogal duur
I love Jacques Tatis PlayTime
Modern Sculpture lesson 9, Andy Goldsworthy
A freebee for anyone who wants to make their own bookmark
Voor de mensen van de politieacademie
I didn’t mean to rip her off – Judith Schaechter
Silkworm rearing and te killing of bombyx mori
Today I like these birds and bugs
Today I like the visual puns in An Eye for Annai
Design at the Design Museum
Today I like the work of Francois Chalet
Ik bezocht de Wonderkamer van Ineke Hans
Aaron tells stories of love, friendship and companionship
Today I like the work of Astrid Seriese
The best art and writing is almost like an assignment
Gheehappy’s perfect guide to Hindu mythology
Lena zit in China
Bente programmeerde bak een verhaal
Hillman Curtis creates nice videoportraits of designers
Do-Ho Suhs replica of his childhood home fits in his suitcase
Wow wow wow
Things to do in Holland: Jacoba van Heemskerck
I need to visit Berlin very soon
Today I like LisaDeJohns mixed media pieces
I love the loops of Allan Sanders
Via sudsandsoda.com: uitgeklede logo’s van Daniël Pflumm
Today I listened to Milton Glaser
Oh, these are so cute
These are the ways my life could have deviated
Nice laptops
When I am King by demian5
Microscope rediscovered today, by James Paterson
Yesterday sleeping cats, aujourd’hui la revolution des crabes
Today a good day! This is why I like internet
Today I (very much) like the work of Brian Cronin
Today I like the work of Camilla Engman
Oh my, The Burden of Her Memories
The Amazing Life of Plum the Pictorial Symbol
What did your first website look like? webdesign timeline
Vaktijdschrift voor de erkende kunsthater: Ars Qaida
Web pages spread via the Bored at Work Network
I love design cliches
I love Tessa’s afc ajax portraits
Sounds like an interesting game: blood and roses
Today I play with the cat
Today I read the story of Boris
Ik word nog steeds erg blij van Marie Caillou
Gelukkig is er altijd nog: kocera.nl
Today I watch Snow-bo
Die Gaddis klinkt als een man naar ons hart
Today I visit the Boys’ Club
Deze kan u vandaag niet onthouden worden
Today I search for a woman or a girl to do this
Those outfits are great but I was looking for
He thinks we should read Amy Hempel’s The Harvest
Today I read invisible shoebox
What a great picture of russian snowmen
Today I worship st. anxieté
Today Mark pointed at an elephant in the underground
Today this coffeepot made me happy
Today I read the story of suffocate summer camp
Today I like the little knights of roger and george
Today I like the work of polly becker
I like the work of genevieve gauckler
Today I like the work of gérard dubois
I love piss bags, tracey moffat